Enter a Heading

Jenn and Jose decided to split their elopment into 2 days. Day one being an adventure session and then day two being the ceremony. Splitting up your elopement is a great option if you want to incorporate multiple locations. In this instance, Jenn and Jose decided to split the day to accommodate their small wedding party by having an easily accessible wedding venue and also having their dreamy Sedona sunrise with just the two of them. 

We met in a beautiful place that they originally wanted to do their ceremony and it was cold, but oh so worth it! They wore their wedding attire for their photoshoot. Jenn actually bought her dress off Amazon and it was stunning!! (Proof that you don’t have to break the bank for a good dress!) She looked killer and had the cutest short boots peeking underneath her dress. Jose had this cool plum suit with a black shirt and then topped off the look with a bolo tie. Oh! And I can’t forget to mention his alligator skin boots- I mean, come onnnnn!

They were such troopers with how cold it was. Like, it was soooo cold but you cant even tell in the imagesThe hike was short and had 360° views. It was truly stunning. Despite the temperatures, Jenn and Jose didn’t complain at all. They just snuggled into each other and embraced the moment together.

Elopement creates this once in a lifetime experience for a couple and I get to be a witness to it. It’s the best part of my job! We feel like best friends by the end of it. It is just so fun and exciting to be part of their special day in this unique way. 

Jenn and Jose had been planning this moment for a long time. We had been planning this session for them for over a year. They’d been together for 10 years before that, so this felt like a moment with incredible momentum behind it. I genuinely was so excited for their day! 

We used a drone for some video footage and some unique perspective pictures. Not all locations allow for drones, but they are a fun tool to use if we can.  We spent the first day of their elopement on couple photos and bridals, so that on their wedding day, they could focus on their guests and each other. 

For their wedding day, they had a beautiful location right off of a parking lot with easy access for their guests. Because they came from out of state, they had hired a local wedding planner. This is a great option if you want to do an Arizona elopement but don’t live closeby. Jenn’s dad actually built the arch that they got married under. It had a skull and some flowers, simplistically beautiful, and a reflection of their personal style. 

Jose’ mom had passed before they got married, but they brought a picture to help remember her during the ceremony. I found this such an intentional, loving way to include a family member that has passed. 

After the ceremony, we took a few portraits then headed to the reception. They had a caricaturist drawing portraits of their guests. Which is such a fun and unique wedding favor, totally doable for a small elopement party. Another great aspect of elopement is being able to involve unique experiences for your guests as well as you and your partner. Your elopement is the perfect opportunity to show off your creative and adventurous style.

Jenn and Jose had a choreographed first dance which was sweet. Jenn and her dad started a father-daughter dance in the classic ballroom style, then broke out into a gangnam-style dance together, shocking and delighting their guests.

While Jenn and Jose did keep some traditional wedding aspects, the vibe was very casual and relaxed. I left feeling so fulfilled and honored to have been part of the day. They are such genuine people, you could see the happiness and love on everyone's faces. It was exactly what a wedding should be. It was filled with so much joy and no stress. Their elopement reminded me why I love elopements.